Donald grew up in the arts. Studying painting and channeled towards a career in piano performance, he recalls, “The day I changed from a classical pianist to architecture, it seemed as if I would need to start from scratch”. Today, he sees it as a great advantage in his practice and realizes why architecture is often described as frozen music. 

Studying Baroque music of Bach and then switching to a modern piece by Gershwin taught dexterity when toggling contrasting architectural styles as well and this holds true with traditional and modern architecture. “Years ago clients would come to us with a single image. Clients today are more educated and want to integrate modern elements as part of the process. It is often easier for them to decide where along the modern-traditional spectrum they want to be.” National awards and publications of both modern, traditional and historic homes are testament to our range of style. 

Donald studied piano with the Guerrero family at the Royal Conservatory of music before receiving a 4 year Architectural Degree. He then earned his Master’s Degree in Architecture from the University of Michigan. He lives in Bethesda, Maryland with his wife and two children. For more about Donald, his home and family have been profiled in Spaces Magazine


Donald Lococo portrait
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