A Complemented Tudor

On the exterior, living walls reinterpret recent add-ons into elements that both frame a sympathetic addition and highlight an original 1940s Tudor. Interior removal of recent architectural inconsistencies juxtaposes original black metal windows against newly revealed existing plaster forms that both defines the inherent character of the home and informs a breakfast/kitchen addition. The glass end reveres 50-year-old hemlocks, and a window at the opposite peak looks up to a green roof. The original gable and dormer forms are used for the addition, which also guides interior ceiling planes and angles. Like the existing, the addition’s simple, white untrimmed walls are a backdrop for black metal architectural elements such as island shelving and steel I-beams with exposed bolting. Paired dormers offer the master bedroom views overhead. A bomb shelter discovered during construction inspires a new wine room but is left exposed recalling its earlier purpose.