A Reconsidered Welcome

This small addition reimagined the entry of a St. Martins home into a gracious gesture, motivated by acute space constraints that rendered moving furniture to the second floor impossible. A focal aspect of the 221 square-foot addition is its stairway. Beyond its newel post, the railing ribbons up to the second floor, bridging over the doorway. The resulting open space, canopied above the foyer contributes to an airy atmosphere, allowing natural light to sprawl throughout the entry space and to the private second-floor family area. The new windows further add buoyancy and sunlight. The addition also provided an opportunity to move the powder room to a more discreet location adjacent to the dining room. On the outside of the home, the entry addition introduces a gambrel form, drawing from and repurposing the design of the original structure. Despite its modest size, the addition transformed the entry of the home and its first impression, communicating openness and warmth within first aquatinting steps.