A complemented tudor

A Complemented Tudor On the exterior, living walls reinterpret recent add-ons into elements that both frame a sympathetic addition and highlight an original 1940s Tudor. Interior removal of recent architectural inconsistencies juxtaposes original black metal windows against newly revealed existing plaster forms that both defines the inherent character of the home and informs a breakfast/kitchen […]

modern mill

Modern Mill Owner, architect, and site merged a design from their mutual association with the river. Located on the edge of Goose Creek, the owner was drawn to the site, reminiscent of a river from his youth that he used to tube down with friends and a 6-pack of beer. The architect, although growing up […]

courtyard interior

Modern Custom Home Design | Alexandria, VA ​A new home built just outside of Alexandria, VA on a relatively small lot with a neighborhood of varying architecture. Our clients proposed that we design a mixed style house with a traditional yet unassuming front and an edgy modern back.

house of moving walls

Mid Century Modern Home Remodel | Arlington, VA Once the residence of the Foo Fighter’s Rock Star Dave Grohl, this recently completed seventies renovation adds windows to the once dark entry facade and expanses of glass in the major living spaces. The use of warm woods and varying panel patterns allows for modern warmth in […]

Cabinet ReShuffle

Modern Kitchen Remodel | Bethesda, MD ​​Likened to the reshuffling of a parliamentary cabinet at the start of a new term, we transformed this kitchen of a builder grade home located in Bethesda, MD by repurposing the existing cabinetry into a seemingly all-new composition. Accenting the refinished and relocated cabinetry exists a new clean-lined wall […]

wedge house interior

Modern House Renovation | Glen Echo, MD The renovation of this 1970s home at the watershed of the Potomac River overlays the existing home with subsequent layers of grid work glass; creating varying levels of view and privacy. Parenthesizing space both inside and out, the layers peel away at certain points to define terraces and […]

ritz carlton condo

Ritz Carlton Condo Small Modern House Design | Washington DC Featured in Metropolitan Home Magazine this project started with the removal of all walls and finishes down to bare slab and unit walls. Materials with patina such as a timbered floor are paired with modern cabinets and white walls give a feeling of both modern […]


Modern Finished Basement Apartment Renovation | Washington, DC ​Featured in Home and Design Magazine, this small renovation of a Washington D.C. brownstone was recognized for its simple and playful space. This renovation involved transferring loads at structural walls and lowering the floor slab to carve out open space. Simple panels designed by DLA simplify the […]