Modern Apartment

Modern Apartment Clients looking for an apartment renovation for their small brownstone apartment in Washington, D.C. approached Donald Lococo Architects. Since light and space were two significantly sought out features for the renovation, DLA crafted innovative, scenic solutions to transition the small basement space into one with an airy and welcoming modern apartment design. Movable […]

Ritz Carlton Condo

Ritz Carlton Condo Featured in Metropolitan Home magazine, this Washington, D.C. Ritz Carlton condo project began by stripping all of the walls and finishes down to their bare slabs and unit walls. Despite working with a limited square footage, Donald Lococo Architects transformed the small home design into an expansive city refuge through mastery of […]

Wedge House

Wedge House A 1970s home was located on a watershed of the Potomac River in Glen Echo, Maryland, in a peculiar parcel of land that was sandwiched in between parkland and the end of a subdivision. The original house featured a mid century home design with small window openings that simultaneously both shut light out […]

Cabinet Reshuffle

Cabinet Reshuffle This AIA award-winning modern kitchen remodel in Bethesda, Maryland relied on thoughtfully managing proportion, flexibility in stylistic language and a facility with color. A refreshed look, relocated appliances, and a spacious island were the goals of this kitchen makeover. As Donald Lococo Architects surveyed the space, a new ambition was added to the […]

House of Moving Walls

House of Moving Walls In Arlington, Virginia, clients turned to Donald Lococo Architects for a property on a piece of land with difficult terrain. The original mid century home design was from the 1970s and was ready for a wanting update, though it had a rockstar past. It was the former residence of the Foo […]

Modern Courtyard

Modern Courtyard The site for a home just outside of Alexandria, Virginia was a small lot located in a neighborhood with varying architecture. The residence was swept from the street edge and nestled within the narrow, densely wooded space. The clients sought something simultaneously modern and traditional in their ideal carriage house: a new home […]

Modern Mill

Modern Mill This new modern home began with the owner, who was drawn to a site along a Potomac tributary reminiscent as a setting for cherished childhood memories along the river. He also had a particular appreciation for the history of American manufacturing, investing in an aluminum factory in the Rust Belt. With mutual interest […]

Ocean Sunrise

  Ocean Sunrise Of modest size, Sandbreak Overlook is a vacation home for a family of five with older teenage children and extended relatives. It is located on the shores of Delaware with beachfront sunrise views and sunset views over the town of South Bethany. Questioning traditional beach architecture and context.Instead of referencing traditional beach […]

Midcentury Home

70’s Reno And Thought Bubble Custom designed in 1970 for a fine art collector’s family, the existing exemplified architectural principles of the time with a cadence of ‘70’s brick masses punctuated by a garage opening and a 4-foot-deep entry recess. Surprisingly however, the recess space didn’t convey to the interior, which was occupied by disjointed […]

A Complemented Tudor

A Complemented Tudor Externally, living walls reinterpret newer features that both frame a sympathetic addition and highlight an original 1940s Tudor home. Interior removal of recent architectural inconsistencies as stylistic conflicts reclaims the Tudor’s integrity. Juxtaposing original black metal windows against freshly revealed existing plaster forms both draws out the inherent character of the home […]