Modern Apartment

Clients looking for an apartment renovation for their small brownstone apartment in Washington, D.C. approached Donald Lococo Architects. Since light and space were two significantly sought out features for the renovation, DLA crafted innovative, scenic solutions to transition the small basement space into one with an airy and welcoming modern apartment design. Movable panels were the central feature in the apartment remodeling process in this photogenic basement apartment renovation. For the new modern small apartment design, the renovation transferred loads at structural walls and lowered the floor slab to carve out new open spaces.

Simple, elegant custom panels simplify the main hall and provide hidden entrances to bathrooms, storage spaces and utility closets. The panels also offer different levels of privacy or openness which was a welcome addition for a small modern apartment space. Their closing or opening transforms the hallway interface and provides different modifications possible for the interior, according to occasion. Despite being a basement apartment renovation, through creative thinking and intrepid solutions, the project was able to deliver an abundance of space and light.

Encouraging an intrinsically modern but still softly gentle space was possible through the enthusiastic embrace of earthy materials, including painted white brick to natural wood flooring. White as a primary color throughout the apartment offered a receptive and adaptive design canvas where furnishings and other fixtures could lend themselves easily to focal visual interest and attention. The modern apartment interior design incorporated stylish fixtures and colorful, playful accent furnishings and pieces making for truly stunning modern apartment decor.

Featured in Home and Design magazine, this renovation of a small Washington, D.C. brownstone apartment was recognized for its mastery in creating a simple yet playful space. By growing from and working around architectural constraints of the site, this small basement apartment was transformed and reimagined into an airy, spacious, and modern apartment home.

Architecture/Interior Architecture: Donald Lococo Architects
Interior Designer: Design Milieu
Structural Engineer: Structron Engineering Consulting Contractor: Cornerstone Construction Engineers LLC
Photographer: Stacy Zarin Goldberg

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