70’s Reno And Thought Bubble

Custom designed in 1970 for a fine art collector’s family, the existing exemplified architectural principles of the time with a cadence of ‘70’s brick masses punctuated by a garage opening and a 4-foot-deep entry recess. Surprisingly however, the recess space didn’t convey to the interior, which was occupied by disjointed service spaces. To solve this, these service spaces are moved to an open area in the garage that was inaccessible to cars. This allowed the opportunity to refine the mudroom sequencing and segregating service & utility, reception, and communal spaces. The interior extensive wall space and a windowless entry, although ideal for fine art it was less than ideal daily for the young family of three. Added glass at the front recess welcomes light view and the removal of interior walls not only liberate rooms to communicate with each other but also reinform the cleared entry space as a hub.

Raised legs on the kitchen island allow the original parquet to continue under it and throughout the main floor. Figured walnut, adds an era-specific material at the interior core and is continued on to the sides and back of the cabinetry to give the inner walnut core. Second-Floor: To maintain clarity of simple one-story composition the second story add is designed to be recessive and discrete as possible. Schematically, the flex-studio/extra bedroom and office are designed ensuite creating a slender form and by orienting them front to back and setting it back allows it to be as slender as possible. The amorphic curves create a definite departure from the 70s home and by detailing it to “float” above the first-floor roof it mentally communicated it as removable and floating. The window scape/sculpture relationship is continued at the second-floor studio windows and additional sculptures will share space with the anticipated green roof. Mirrors flanking the Chimney allow sculpture to be appreciated in three dimensions. the mirrors also afford privacy to both the studio bedroom and the adjacent homes primary bedroom.

  • Architecture/Interior Architecture: Donald Lococo Architects
  • Interior Designer: Donald Lococo Architects
  • Hardscape: Donald Lococo Architects
  • GreenScape: Jennifer Horn Landscape
  • Structural Engineer: Linton Engineering
  • Contractor: FineCraft Contractors, Inc.
  • Photographer: Anice Hoachlander