Modern Mill

The owner was drawn to a site along a Potomac tributary that affectionately reminded him of early memories. Out of mutual interest between him and the architect, the home references waterway architectural vocabulary quintessential to America’s riverbanks.

Designed as a collection of separate buildings, each is interrelated by elevated walkways. Walkways extend from the outdoors into the interior space. Vehicle-scaled platforms and staging areas are reinterpreted from industrial references and used for residential mainstays such as the main motor court, pool terraces and bar area.

A monitor roof adds light to interiors of low-slung horizontal building forms similar to implementations in plant and mill architecture. The main space begins as an open plan with overhead wood beams, and windows that is bookended by second-story enclosures. Connecting them is a steel and glass walkway that overlooks the open plan below.

Interior features of timber-trussed bridges informed the choice of durable inside materials such as blackened steel, walnut, and brushed leather that reference a modern aesthetic and a legacy of riverway industry.

Maxwell MacKenzie
Anice Hoachlander