Ritz Carlton Condo

Featured in Metropolitan Home magazine, this Washington, D.C. Ritz Carlton condo project began by stripping all of the walls and finishes down to their bare slabs and unit walls. Despite working with a limited square footage, Donald Lococo Architects transformed the small home design into an expansive city refuge through mastery of open space and incorporating light colors. Though seemingly incongruous, the new small modern house design is both gently sentimental while simultaneously being both progressive and modern. A neutral, white primary color palette encourages space and light while also providing a serene backdrop for architectural dynamism.

In the kitchen, a black island, countertops, and backsplash provides the perfect juxtaposing contrast through a lively artistic dialogue. Simple, modern custom cabinetry alongside playful fixtures like a chalkboard and a focal stainless-steel sink also emphasize their pragmatic functionality without sacrificing an elegant, playful aesthetic. The predominantly neutral and airily open spaces also serve as a canvas for embraced changes in elevation that, while part of the structure of the apartment, were effortlessly incorporated into the new home design. There were new additions of ceiling coves and floor steps at focal points of the home that create an illusion of varying heights in the condo space. Expansive space and effusive light are key components of the home, despite originating with a small home design.

Modern warmth is embraced in this renovation. Using materials with patina such as a timbered floor paired with modern cabinets and white walls, a softness is incorporated into modern architectural mainstays that pairs perfectly with different textures and fabrics. The commitment to this style was additionally prioritized throughout the interior design, with thoughtful consideration by renowned interior designer Darryl Carter. At once cozy and innovative, this small modern home design is timeless in architectural use of space, light, and composition.

Architecture/Interior Architecture: Donald Lococo Architects
Interior Designer: Darryl Carter Inc.
Structural Engineer: Linton Engineering
Photographer: Gordon Beall