Ocean Sunrise

Of modest size, Sandbreak Overlook is a vacation home for a family of five with older teenage children and extended relatives. It is located on the shores of Delaware with beachfront sunrise views and sunset views over the town of South Bethany.
Questioning traditional beach architecture and context.Instead of referencing traditional beach architecture, Dune fencing or sandbreak fencing inspires the architecture. A ubiquitous built element, its association with sustaining coastal environments shines a positive light on this element. The building references this by the application of wire brushed Shou Sugi Ban fins.
The zigzagging fencing is referenced at fenestration. Increased spacing of the fins increase view and window cleaning. The spacing is based on a mathematical sine curve that gives the facade its wave-like effect. (see images)The base is left open so that the refence of sandbreakfencing is subtly noticed simultaneously upon approach.

From gable form to sawtooth form: DNREC requirements: maximum height 48’ above sea level, roofs minimum slope of 4:1. These restrictions have led to a coastline of low-pitched gable beach houses which are non-conducive to ocean views. Splitting the gable form down its ridge and spinning it allows views to be maximized. AtSandbreakOverlook, this arrangement creates a potential glass and view plane of 18 feet high by 32 feet long.
Processional Queuing: The stair arrangement allows the visitor to both realize and view the public top level ocean space upon entering the lowestlevel on the opposite, street-side of the home.With straight stair runs positioned end to end, the visitor can realize both destination and ocean sky upon entry. (see images)Anticipation is only heightened by the dune itself which blocks the first floor from ocean views.

  • Architecture/Interior Architecture: Donald Lococo Architects
  • Interior Designer: Donald Lococo Architects
  • Landscape Architect: Donald Lococo Architects
  • Structural Engineer: Linton Engineering
  • Contractor: Shay Gallo Construction
  • Photographers: Campos Media Oc and Anice Hoachlander