About Our Firm

Donald Lococo Architects is an award-winning, top architecture firm that specializes in designing homes in a variety of styles. DLA has consistently been recognized as a standout of Washington D.C. architecture firms. Unlike other architecture companies, DLA is also a strictly residential architecture firm, allowing DLA to focus on clients’ ideal living spaces while consistently designing and creating beautiful, comforting homes.

Donald Lococo, AIA, NCARB

A heartfelt intent and care to enrich the lives of our clients is a central part of our practice. This attention lends itself naturally to a continuously collaborative process that produces considered homes and remarkable architecture. Focusing exclusively on single-family homes and additions, our practice remains well-versed in all architectural styles and historical periods. This dexterity allows our clients to embrace modern and traditional preferences to let their home develop freely throughout the design process.

Donald grew up in the arts. Studying painting and oriented towards a career in piano performance, he views the transition from music to architecture not as a change but as a progression. Music has become the framework which he now uses to design and envision architecture, living by Goethe’s metaphor endearing architecture to frozen music. Music also trained him to have breadth and facility in a variety of architectural styles. Performing a Bach fugue immediately after playing a modern piece by Gershwin taught dexterity. Now, when toggling from designing traditional to modern architecture, in the same way, the visual language and weights shift, despite both being bounded to the medium of architecture.

Donald studied piano with the Guerrero family at the Royal Conservatory of Music before receiving his architectural degree. He then earned his master’s degree in architecture from the University of Michigan. He lives in Bethesda, Maryland with his wife and two children.